Welcome to Earclops

Hello and welcome to Earclops. We will de adding content as it comes by. Please check back frequently. You can see archived and new posts here.


What are we all about? Who knows? Who cares? It’s too soon to say. We are a slow brewing stew and have just set the proper heat under the stove. We have yet to add bits of carrot and celery and whatever Brazilian bullshit my counterpart would add to a stew. It will take time. Care, whimsy, procrastination, will all be added. Wrong ingredients will surely be added as well, but it is all ok. It’s a process. We will figure it all out in time and hopefully serve up something nourishing and if all goes right, delicious. In the meantime, let’s agree not to worry about, About.


Dedicated to the pursuit of sound minds and sound bodies.